Dessins , Rossicontemporary Gallery, Brussels, 2015.
    On Valentine’s day while plying the waters of the Sea of Cortez, I came upon a young humpback whale that appeared to be dead. We floated next to the whale for several minutes but we saw no signs of life. Suddenly, the whale rose slightly in the water and forcefully exhaled. I decided to ease in the water with my snorkeling gear in order to assess the situation.      Pencil on paper,   6,6  x  8,1  cm on A4  , 2015
    It was a beautiful clear summer’s night with a full moon.     Pencil on paper,   8,3  x10,4cm on A4, 2015.
    We heard a commotion on the beach, and dad mentioned a wave or something.     Pencil on paper, 12,4x  12,3  cm on A4, 2015.
   1974 - Mururoa pencil on paper, 6,6x11,5cm on A4, 2015
    I shot this while stationed aboard the   USS Wyoming SSBN 742 Gold crew.      Pencil on paper, 11,1x  8,1  cm on A4, 2015.
    Jungle drum   Pencil on paper, 8,7x5,9cm on A4, 2015.
    Sails shredded last night.     Pencil on paper, 13x  10,5  cm on A4, 2015
   Untitled  Pencil on paper, 15,8x23cm on A4, 2015
    One of the children saw something on the ground, a large canvas white-grey balloon of some kind.  Pencil on paper, 10x9,5cm on A4, 2015
  Everything here is over.  Pencil on paper, 9,6x7,9cm on A4, 2015.
  It started deceptively as ripples. pencil on paper, 9,4x8,6cm on A4, 2015
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